Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eating on the Road


I was recently asked what I do for food when I'm away from home; specifically, if I bring food with me (rather than grab something on the road). The answer is a definite YES. Yes, I do. For several main reasons:
1. It's not always easy to track down the sort of things I eat- McDonalds has a surprising lack of healthy, unprocessed vegan fare... shocking, right?
2. Bringing food I've made myself is much cheaper than buying food on the go.
3. I eat a lot. If we had to stop every time I got peckish, we'd never get anywhere.

So, this past week Will and I decided to get a little change of scenery and head to Vancouver Island to go camping and do some exploring. Among the usual camping prep, I made a bunch of food to bring with us to keep us well nourished and energized for the trip. I thought I'd share our supply list and some new recipes I tried out that worked out great for the journey. Now, W and I don't have the same eating habits- he's a vegetarian, I'm a (born-again) vegan, and he's a lot less picky about what he eats- he's happy to chow down on veggie hot dogs and chips whereas my fav foods are fruits and veggies (honest, I can't help it!), and I've been experimenting with incorporating a lot more raw food into my diet and wanted to keep that going during our trip. As a result I hope our list and recipes will be useful to you regardless of whether you're a raw vegan or an omnivore who wants to include a few new ideas and/or healthy eats when you're on the road.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Tuna" sushi

Truth time: I'm a recovering sushi addict who appears to have just fallen off the wagon. My obsession began several years ago, with a seemingly harmless avocado roll, and before I knew it, I was chowing down on veggie rolls like nobody's business- a couple times a week, maybe more. I even dabbled in fish sushi for a little while, when living in a fishing village in Belize converted me into a temporary pescatarian. My penchant for sushi faded away sometime while I was living in Asia... which I suppose is somewhat ironic (although, to be fair, Thailand and Indo aren't exactly known for their sushi). In any case, the lunch I ate today has sufficiently got me back into a seaweed-wrapped groove.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raw Veggie "Stir-fry"

I never would have guessed that the all-time best stir-fry I've ever had would never have seen the inside of a wok, but turns out that's the case with this little doozy. It's delicious by itself, or as the filling for a nori wrap for a little raw sushi action. It would also be tasty over steamed quinoa, which would soak up all the marinade, which is made from ordinary kitchen staples, but tastes so good, I'd pretty much drink it on its own. Maybe...

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Not-So-Cheese Bean Dip... get it?
I defrosted a bunch of pinto beans without much of a plan as to what to do with them, and then figured it would be good to make some bean dip. I threw a few things together and 5 minutes later, I had bean dip, and it was good. The nutritional yeast gives it a cheesy flavour, and you can make this as spicy or as mild as you want... of course, I loaded on the spices, and then added hot sauce too. It's really good to dip tortilla chips or pita in - we got some falafel chips as a treat since I hadn't been able to make bread or baked anything since our oven broke (by the way, while I was making this dip, the oven made another weird noise, and now works again. *shrug*). The dip also makes a great burrito filling - you can either add a little water to thin it out and then heat it up, or just use it cold with some veggies for a quick lunch.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toots and the Maytals

Tonight Will and I will be grooving to Toots and the Maytals at the Commodore! I've been looking forward to this concert for months - Toots is genuine, old-school, authentic reggae at its finest, and I'm predicting an epic concert. In honor of the concert, here's a little movie I made last year when we were living in Bali, and visited the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali. Tune courtesy of Toots and the Maytals, feat. Gwen Stefani.

Carrot-tahini slaw

I've been addicted to this super easy, very tasty salad recently. It only takes a couple of minutes to make so it's the perfect choice for lunch or a quick side dish. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Raw Double Chocolate Strawberry Pie

 Summer finally made an appearance today, so after lunch Bluebell (my bike) and I went for a cruise in the sunshine. I meandered about town with no real intention other than just to pedal my feet and soak up some rays. Popped over to visit Will on his break from work and also stopped in my local green grocery store. As luck would have it they had a good selection of slightly over the hill produce- I'm a sucker for cheap, organic fruits and veggies and snagged a bag of 5 avocados for $1, a bunch of strawberries for half price, three big cucumbers for $1 (which will get juiced in the morning for some yoga fuel), and a few other things. The avocados and berries needed to get put to use pretty quick so I basically had no choice but to make this raw double chocolate torte with strawberry sauce. Life is tough like that.

Raw Pasta with Pumpkin-Cilantro Pesto

A couple of nights ago, as our supper of baked beans and roasted veggies was just about done, our oven started making a series of unfortunate noises- the result of which was a broken oven. I pouted for a minute or two, since I had been planning on making tasty cookies for dessert, but then I got over it, ate a banana instead, and carried on living my life. Our building manager is going to come check it out after the long weekend, and in the meantime I've decided this is a serendipitous excuse to experiment with making more raw food. I made this tasty lunch in a matter of minutes to curb my post-yoga hungries, and it fully hit the spot (and by 'spot' I mean the veggie vortex that is my stomach).