Monday, August 8, 2011

Chia seed breakfast pudding

So, to be honest, I eat ice cream for breakfast every morning. Raw banana soft-serve ice cream, to be specific, sometimes with a little Vega protein powder blended in if I feel like chocolate ice cream, or if I need a little extra oomph. This week though I ran out of frozen bananas and was suddenly without my most favourite, nutritious breakfast. Luckily I had a big jar of chia seeds and some almond milk, and soon I had a new concoction so tasty, Will started asking me to make it for him instead of his regular eggs & toast.

Onion bread + zucchini hummus

Sammich! Onion bread, hummus, avocado, tomato, cucumber, lettuce. YUM!

I know, I know.... bread made of onions and hummus made of zucchinis isn't exactly mainstream, but they are both really delicious, and easy to make. I've been using the bread to make tasty sandwiches and spreading the hummus on just about anything and everything. Although the regular chickpea hummus I make is majorly yummy, the zucchini hummus is a great raw alternative, much lighter and fluffier and just as tasty, in a slightly different way. Try them both and see which you prefer!