Sunday, July 15, 2012

Simple Homemade Body Scrub

Chili knows body scrub smells delicious!
I posted a long time ago about wanting to make more of my own body care products, but never really evolved past making my own deodorant, and bath salts. I was reminded of my intention to keep it fresh, homemade and natural a month or two ago when one of my friends brought me a little jar of homemade body scrub. It smelled delicious, and made my skin feel amazing, which was sufficient to kick my butt into action and start taking matters back into my own hands. When I was living in Vancouver I had a whole lot of choices if I wanted to buy all-natural body care (although the price tag was generally pretty hefty), but here in Thailand my options are much more limited and I was often stuck using chemical laden, skin drying soap. No more, however! I've been playing around with a few different varieties of body scrub, and the results have been fantastic. Plus, it's super easy and inexpensive, and the recipes are so versatile you can mix up whatever your little heart desires.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fresh Yogi Secrets Revealed!

Our sunset view
Oh hi there! Remember me?! It's certainly been a while... since November, in fact. Since we moved to Thailand Muddy Spoon came to a halt, despite my best intentions. I've got a few reasons excuses- for one, we didn't really have a kitchen in our place and considering how cheap and delicious Thai food is, my motivation to cook decreased significantly. I've also been keeping myself nice and busy, teaching yoga, spending time with friends, lounging poolside on afternoons off, and running a diving and yoga business with Will. Of course, I can't forget all the time I spend cuddling with Moo and Chili, the adorable sister kittens we adopted early in the New Year. Their antics have definitely been keeping us busy and entertained: