Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fresh Yogi Secrets Revealed!

Our sunset view
Oh hi there! Remember me?! It's certainly been a while... since November, in fact. Since we moved to Thailand Muddy Spoon came to a halt, despite my best intentions. I've got a few reasons excuses- for one, we didn't really have a kitchen in our place and considering how cheap and delicious Thai food is, my motivation to cook decreased significantly. I've also been keeping myself nice and busy, teaching yoga, spending time with friends, lounging poolside on afternoons off, and running a diving and yoga business with Will. Of course, I can't forget all the time I spend cuddling with Moo and Chili, the adorable sister kittens we adopted early in the New Year. Their antics have definitely been keeping us busy and entertained:

Little bit of downtime...
Life has been amazing, but I miss crafting and creating, and I'm ready to get back into my groove. My mom generously mailed me my hand-carved stamp collection (along with lots of presents for her grandkittens) and we've created ourselves a kitchen-like space in the house. I have played around with some new creations, and now I'm ready to share them!

I'm actually starting off with an old favourite, however. When I left Vancouver I stopped making Fresh Yogi Deodorant, but left the recipe with a few friends. I've been asked by others to share the recipe so I thought I should put it on the blog for everyone to have. It's ridiculously easy and works so well! See for yourself:

- Coconut oil
- Baking Soda
- Corn Starch
- Tea Tree Oil
- Essential oil of choice (I use peppermint or lavender)

In a small bowl, mix together equal quantities of baking soda and corn starch. If you're just making it for yourself use 1/4 cup of each, or less. Then, add coconut oil and stir with a spoon or mash with a fork until a smooth, creamy consistency is reached. Then add about 4-5 drops of tea tree oil, and 6-8 drops of essential oil. Stir, then place in a small lidded container. Use fingertips to apply like a body lotion. You can also use this to deodorize and moisturize feet!

See?! It really is that easy. It doesn't stain clothes, is invisible, and doesn't contain any weird chemicals. The coconut oil and tea tree oil are natural antiseptics, and the baking soda is super deodorizing. It's also really inexpensive and you might even have all the ingredients in your cupboards already. If not, get a group of friends together, go shopping, then make enough for everyone!

Remember that coconut oil changes consistency with temperature. When cold, it hardens, so the deodorant will be more solid as well (in the wintertime maybe pour the mixture into an old deodorant tube and apply like that). When hot, it's very runny, so in the summer you'll need to use less coconut oil and maybe need to give it a stir if it separates.

Enjoy! If anyone has any questions let me know, and stay tuned for posts on my latest crafty creations... I promise it won't take 8 months this time!


  1. So glad you're back! love your blog... any chance of picking the massuse/wax woman close to Buddha View on how she makes her sugar wax... has been to date the only wax my skin doesn't have an allergic reaction to!

    1. Eve? The one with the green sign? I'll see what I can do :)