Sunday, September 30, 2012

Super Easy Raw Chocolate Recipe

If I'm craving something sweet and tasty, there's nothing quite like good dark chocolate. Unfortunately, in Thailand, I mean this very literally. The candy aisles of the 7-11 stores are filled to the brim with imported KitKats, M&Ms, Snickers, Hershey bars, and various other Western candies and chocolates as well as (often fairly strange) Thai concoctions. There is a lack, however, of natural, vegan, non-sugary, and of course raw treats. What's a girl to do? Make my own, of course.

There's not a huge variety of ingredients available here either, but, luckily, all you need to make this chocolate is 5 minutes and 3 ingredients. You can fancy it up if you want, or keep it simple. Here's the low-down: